Interactive Science Dictionary

2nd Nine Weeks Science Words

1.     motor - a device that uses electricity to produce motion
2.     energythe ability to do work
3.     switcha device that starts and stops the flow of electrons  through a circuit
4.     electromagneta temporary magnet created by a flow of electric current around an iron bar
5.     thermometera tool used to measure temperature                                                                                
6.     spectrum -  the seven colors into which white light is split when it passes through a prism 
7.     refracted -  when light is bent as it travels through different materials
8.     prism a triangular clear piece of glass or plastic  
9.     opaquewhen an object will not let light pass through it
10.  reflect when light bounces off an object or surface  
11.  lensa curved piece of clear glass or plastic that bends (refracts) light rays
12.  transparent when an object is clear and allows light to travel through it easily
13.  translucentwhen an object allows some light to pass through it                                        
14.  absorbed when light is taken in by an object 
15.  sound - a form of energy that is produced by vibrating objects                             
16.  vibration a rapid back and forth movement that produces sound
17.  wave a repeating up and down  OR  back and forth movement of matter
18.  pitchthe highness or lowness of sound