Interactive Science Dictionary

4th Nine Weeks Science Words

1. life cycleall the stages of  growth and development that an animal goes through during its lifetime                                                  
2. metamorphosisa process of changing form at some stage of growth in an organism’s life
3. larvathe second stage of growth in organisms that go through complete metamorphosis                                              
4. pupathe third  stage of growth in the life cycle of some organisms       
5. nichethe ‘job’ of an organism in the ecosystem
6. predator – an animal that lives by hunting and eating other animals      
7. preythe animal that is hunted by a predator  
8. scavenger – an animal that feeds on the dead bodies of other animals that have been killed by predators                                 
9. food chainhow food energy is passed from one organism to another                                                                       
10. food weba series of overlapping food chains that are diagrammed to follow the path of the sun’s energy in an ecosystem  
11. producera plant in the food chain                                                                                               
12. consumer – an organism that eats another organism
13. decomposeran organism that breaks down dead plants and animals and puts the nutrients back into the soil      
14. camouflage the color or pattern of an animal that helps it blend with its surroundings
15. inherited traita characteristic that is passed on from parents to children
16. instinct – a behavior that is inherited
17. learned behaviora behavior that happens when an animal learns to do or not to do something
18. adaptation – a physical feature of behavior that helps an organism survive in its environment
19. vertebratean animal that has a backbone           
20. invertebratean animal that does not have a backbone     
21. amphibianan animal that has a backbone and lives in the water when it is young and on land when it is an adult
22. mammalan animal that has a backbone and hair or fur    
23. reptilean animal that has a backbone and dry leathery skin or scales
24. nitrogen- a colorless, odorless gas that makes up 78% of our atmosphere
25. oxygen - a colorless, odorless gas that makes up 21% of our atmosphere. It is the gas we breathe in and plants give off.