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Target Tech in Texas (T3) Grant

Target Tech in Texas (T3) grant funds are being used to encourage the use of educational technology to improve teaching and learning in 21st century classrooms, as envisioned by the Texas Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020. The plan exists to guide school districts in the effective use of technology to prepare students to learn and work in the 21st century. Schools assessed their instructional technology needs and have begun to implement programs to make significant progress in reaching their goals. Teachers and administrators alike are beneficiaries of the funding; however, the heart of the T3 project is found in the intent to engage students and promote critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and college and career readiness.


A team of principals, known as The Twilight Zone, exemplifies the intent to fulfill the T3 grant goals and objectives. This team of principals decided to produce an interactive science dictionary, for use in Grade 5. They conceived the idea of a technology-integrated product that would begin as theirs then quickly become a teacher- and student-driven project. The project framework was established by the administrator group and turned over to teachers and students, to both complete and maintain the dictionary. This site is the result of the collaborations that have contributed to the growth of the interactive science dictionary. It highlights the work and products of elementary-age students. Their work stands as a model of student engagement in the production and use of instructional technology in 21st century classrooms.